Unsurpassed Paper Handling Flexibility

The new Epson LQ-2090 is an improved 24-pin dot matrix printer that offers more speed, versatility and reliability.Its speed of 440cps in high-speed draft mode and 110cps in letter quality places it above the competition.Built to last, this is your bet for an affordable 24-pin dot matrix printer with more options for everyone!

Sharp and Clear

Our 5-layer Multi-part printing, prints Sharp, Clear letter quality text right through to the last copy! That’s an  original plus for copies!

Convenient and Easy Connectivity

With Epson status Monitor 3, you are Conveniently informed of the printer’s status and paper availability.The Multi- platform Network support also allows easy sharing in a network has standard bi-directional parallel interface and USB connection, with optional Type-B Ethernet Interface Card

Genuine Epson Ribbon Cartridges

Lengthen the life of your printer.A good partner never gives you Problems.. say no to defects or damages forever.Choose only genuine Quality Epson Ribbon


No other manufacturer will give this amount of freedom when it comes to paper handing.with it’s famous multi-path  paper-handing flexibility, you can choose to load from the front, rear, bottom or top.