Bring the world closer together with Epson’s EB-1420/30Wi interactive business projectors. With the ability to connect between four parties from different countries, its fi nger-touch interactivity* allows you to control your presentations in real-time. Bolstered by an ultra short-throw capability, wireless printing, and a Whiteboard Mode, choose Epson ultra short-throw interactive projectors that gives you the capacity you need to deliver powerful and collaborative presentations.

Finger-touch Interactivity*

Easily control all your presentations from your fi ngertips with the fi nger-touch interactive projector*. With this revolutionary technology, you’ll be able to scroll, press and tap, pinch in/out and rotate images using only your fi ngers, even in wireless projection. Simply use the interactive pens for adding notes or writing and let your fi ngers do the rest. Any images or writing on the screen can also be resized and moved as if it were an object. That way, even with limited writing space, you’ll be able to shrink down content to make room for new annotations.

Enhanced Whiteboard Feature

Whiteboard Share Function
Share and project content easily from the whiteboard mode with your participants through a URL link that can be accessed from their PC or smart devices. The whiteboard share function also allows you to annotate, insert images and save content from any device, increasing engagement and participation. With connectivity of up to 15 devices, meeting participants can input their views to play a more active role during discussions.

Seamless Sharing with Control Pad and Whiteboard Mode
The included Control Pad enables you to switch to the Whiteboard Mode or other useful features at the touch of a button for seamless sharing. The Whiteboard Mode allows you to output the meeting results to a maximum of 50 pages in your preferred format, eliminating worries about lack of space. Time to carry out tasks like saving meeting data, sending email, printing and creating meeting minutes is shortened consid

Advanced Network Functions

Wireless Interactivity
When a PC is needed, the projectors can be seamlessly connected via the EasyMP Network Projection V 2.81 and above application, which wirelessly transmits images, audio, pen positioning information* and even allows for mouse operation**, saving you the hassle and cost of laying out multiple cables.

Mailing Function
With the new Mailing Function, users can send emails directly from mail servers, such as Google and Yahoo, to up to 10 email addresses.

Ultra-short Throw and Other Interactive Advantages

Ultra-short Throw Advantage
With ultra-short throw, light from these interactive projectors is less distracting as it barely touches the presenter, ensuring a more comfortable experience compared to conventional models. Shadow interference is also greatly reduced, making presentations a more pleasant experience for all participants. The ultra-short throw advantage also ensures stable performance when using dual interactive pens and consistent colour uniformity. This makes presentations more pleasant and stress free, allowing you to fully concentrate on delivering your lessons or reports and making informationsharing smoother

Microsoft Offi ce Ink Support
When linked to a PC, the Microsoft Offi ce Ink function lets you handwrite* comments and diagrams directly onto projected Powerpoint, Excel and Word documents, and also save them in their original formats for future editing. Users can take notes and emphasise points on slides during presentations and videoconferences, making group discussions more productive and insightful.

Dual Interactive Pens
The dual interactive pens are provided with multi-use and greater interactivity in mind. They work like a computer mouse and are designed to facilitate an easy grip. By connecting wirelessly to the projector or via USB cable through a PC, you can operate your PC mouse using the interactive pens and even your fi nger* for greater fl exibility. The dual interactive pens are also equipped with a side button, which can be allocated various functions, for quick and easy access and increased usability. The higher response speed and accuracy make drawing as instant and responsive as writing with a real pen on a whiteboard.

Wide Range of Connectivity

Full Compatibility
Advanced connectivity features mean convenient and hassle-free projections of your presentations. With a wide-ranging interface, these projections not only correspond with multiple conventional analogue sources, they are also compatible with HDMI input. In addition, one of the two HDMI input terminals is MHL-enabled for the mirroring of Android mobile devices

Epson iProjection*
With the iProjection application for both iOS and Android, wireless projection from a smart device is possible. This feature supports various fi les and allows you to present your smartphone contents with ease. It also lets you use other touch-screen operations, such as fl icking to turn pages and pinching to zoom in or out.