Connect, collaborate and share information effortlessly on a truly multi-purpose projection system. The EB-1400 series ultra-short throw interactive projectors offer a smart collaboration platform for sharing and co-authoring, whether across long distances or with multiple PCs and mobile devices to powerfully enhance your meetings and video conferences.

Intelligent Interactive Experience

Finger-touch interactivity
Control your presentations and PC applications or navigate the modern touchscreen interface with the fi nger-touch enabled interactive projectors. You will be able to point, swipe, draw, pinch in/out and rotate using your fi ngers, even when projecting wirelessly. Simply use the interactive pens for adding notes or writing and let your fi ngers do the rest.

PC-less Interactive Functionality
With this original PC-free interactive feature by Epson, you can write and draw on the projector’s built-in digital whiteboard or any image projected from other non-PC sources such as document camera, blu-ray player, video conference system, tablets and smart phones. You may also control any photo slide shows loaded from a USB thumb drive.

Collaborative Meetings

projection* App for Mobile Devices
The iProjection app enables both iOS and Android devices to easily connect to the projector. You can use iProjection to wirelessly project various documents, photos and web pages, and draw on the device screen and share on projection. To connect, search for the projector in your local network or simply scan a QR code displayed on the projector screen. Remote control function is also built into iProjection so you can use the app to control projector functions. In addition, iProjection now supports screen mirroring (without audio) from devices running on Android 5.0 and above

Interactive Whiteboard Sharing
The in-built digital whiteboard can be shared with up to 15 laptops, mobile devices or same series interactive projectors residing in the same network. Interactive drawings and images inserted from all parties can be seen in real time by every connected user. Laptops and devices access the common shared whiteboard by using only the web browser, removing the need to install any software or apps. Images from other input sources of the projector can also be interactively shared this way with laptops and mobile devices, allowing every participant in the meeting to coauthor and actively collaborate.

Superior Image Quality

Beyond Full HD Resolution
Enjoy a dynamic viewing experience with 1920 x 1200 WUXGA resolution that is beyond Full HD. Deliver clearer high-resolution image displays from PCs, tablets and smart phones and watch your photos, 3D CAD, Blu-ray and online videos come to life in Full HD. Data fi gures on spreadsheets and charts will also be displayed clearly for everyone to read accurately

No Refl ection Glare On Projection
The projection screen is not glossy and does not cause glaring refl ections ofambient light like fl orescent lamps and sunlight from windows. The audience will not be distracted by such refl ections and all information projected can be clearly seen at all times.

Ease of Presentation

Remote Desktop Access
The interactive projectors can remotely access a PC on your work desk or a desktop hosted on server using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. You can connect and control the remote desktop using your fi ngers and interactive pens. Now, you can project and annotate on information stored in different remote locations right from your meeting room, giving you unparalleled fl exibility and convenience.

Miracast Screen Mirroring*
Use Miracast to mirror your tablet or smart phone screen on the projection. You can display contents such as documents, photos and videos from your mobile devices simply through a wireless connection to the projector. No more messy cables to worry about.

Ultra-short Throw Advantage
With ultra-short throw, light from these interactive projectors is lessvdistracting as it barely touches the presenter, ensuring a more comfortablevexperience compared to conventional models. As light is not blocked by thevpresenter, less shadow is formed on the screen, allowing the audience tovclearly see the information projected at all times.vThe ultra-short throw setup also ensures stable performance of the twovinteractive pens and provides consistent colour uniformity over the entirevscreen. These advantages keep the presenter more comfortable and enableclear smooth presentations.

Wireless Multi-PC Projection
Project from your laptop wirelessly using Epson EasyMP Multi PC Projection 2.0 software. Up to 50 laptops and mobile devices can connect to a single projector via this software. A laptop or device can be assigned as the moderator and send a projected image to connected clients. The moderator can also look at thumbnail previews of connected clients and select up to four of them to be projected on the screen at the same time for comparison.

Wide Range of Connectivity

Simplify Meeting Preparations
With the ability to send the projected image to connected laptops and
mobile devices, you no longer have to prepare meeting handouts, saving
time and paper

Longer Lamp Life
With a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in ECO mode, the frequency of lamp replacements is reduced, saving you time and money, and lowering the total cost of ownership. The interactive projectors still perform at a brightness of 2,900 lumens even in ECO mode.