The Expression 12000XL is designed for professionals and organisations that demand excellent A3 scanning performance. With its 2400 dpi resolution, 3.8 Dmax, 48-bit colour depth and optional Transparency Unit, it is the ideal solution for scanning everything from photos, maps, to architectural plans and various film formats. Imaging and photo restoration software complements the scanner for consistently impressive results.

Extraordinary Image Quality

At the heart of the Expression 12000XL is a high-definition CCD sensor with a resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi. To eliminate image ‘ghosting’, the sensor is covered with anti-reflection coated glass while Epson’s Micro Step Drive technology moves the optical carriage with ultra-high precision to produce greater detail. Together with an optical density of 3.8 Dmax and 48-bit depth, the scanner allows you to easily and consistently achieve scans with superior tones and colour reproduction.

Impeccably Clear and Sharp Scans

Beyond optical resolution, the CCD sensor sports a new 6-line CCD sensor array with large pixels that provides greater scanning details during every pass. The scanner is also equipped with an Auto Focus system for clearer and sharper scans. The optical system can achieve pinpoint focusing automatically, or allow you to take full creative control via optional Manual Focus.

Versatile Film Support

With the optional Transparency Unit installed, the Expression 12000XL becomes a film scanning powerhouse. It accepts a wide range of film formats from 35mm film to A3-sized transparencies and comes with 2 sets of film holders for the following film formats: 35mm strip film, 35mm mounted film, 6 x 18cm medium format film and 4″ x 5″ large format film.

Bundled Software

Epson Scan 2
Epson Scan 2 offers imaging professionals an array of enhancement tools that provide immediate correction of defects on films and photos.

Colour Restoration
Restore original colours of faded photos to make them look new again

Dust Removal
Automatically eliminates dust and specks on film scans.

Grain Reduction
Reduces the grainy and rough appearance of enlarged images from films by applying a smoothening filter

Free Angle Hinge

A free angle hinge allows the lid to be easily opened and stopped at an angle between 15 to 70 degrees. This increases usability, even with one hand

ReadyScan LED

The Expression 12000XL is equipped with ReadyScan LED, an energy-saving and eco-friendly light source that requires zero warm-up time, providing hyper-responsive scanning. The 12000XL is Energy Star® certified, with a power-saving sleep mode that reduces energy consumption even further