Offering exceptional quality and versatility for home, office and studio use, the Epson PerfectionTM V600 Photo delivers outstanding quality scans from photos, 35mm strip or mounted film, medium-format slides and negative film. Sharp and vivid reproductions are made possible with its 6400 x 9600 dpi optical resolution. Edit and enhance photos easily with Digital ICE and Easy Photo Scan and share photos conveniently on social networks and to the cloud.

Exceptional Image Quality

Equipped with an optical resolution of 6400 x 9600 dpi and optical density of 3.4 Dmax, the V600 Photo delivers superb quality scans for photos, films, slides and everyday documents. Film can be enlarged with excellent tonal range, shadow detail, and 48-bit depth for exceptional colour and clarity

Versatile Film Support

The V600 Photo comes with a built-in Transparency Unit that supports scanning of slides, negatives and medium
format panoramic films of up to 6 x 22cm. It can also readily scan just about anything from documents to books, magazines and even 3D objects.

Epson Scan
This innovative driver features fully automatic scanning for beginners, specialised document settings for office use, and precise colour controls for experts. Scans can be saved in popular digital formats such as JPEG, BMP and single- or multi-page TIFF and PDF files.

Colour Restoration
Restore original colours of faded photos to make them look new again

Correct Document Skew
Automatically adjusts and straightens scanned images

Backlight Correction
Makes necessary adjustments to the brightness of images that look darker because of strong background lighting.

Text Enhancement
Improves text recognition when scanning text documents, whether in colour, grayscale or black-and-white. Removes background for better clarity, which is especially useful for double-sided printed documents.

Bundled Software

ABBYY® FineReader™ Sprint*
This OCR software enables searchable content in your scanned PDFs for greater productivity. The languages supported are English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Easy Photo Scan
With a simple user interface, you can easily scan, view, edit, save and transfer scanned documents via Easy Photo Scan. 8 simple photo editing functions such as Rotation, Auto and Manual Enhance, Soft Focus and Red Eye Correction are also provided to allow you to enhance and correct your photos as desired. The preview mode and thumbnail mode allow you to easily choose, edit and preview your photos within the application. Post-scan destinations, including local folder, Web Folder, email, Facebook, PicasaTM, Evernote® and SugarSync®, are easily accessible through the software.

Scan to PDF Options
Save scanned images directly as searchable PDF (Windows only) or as multi-page PDF files.

Digital ICETM
This image restoration solution uses a unique combination of hardware and software to correct image defects.

Digital ICETM for Film: The scanner uses an infrared light source to detect dust and scratches on the surface of the film. In a multi-pass process, the dust and scratches are mapped out and carefully removed from the scanned image, leaving the composition and quality intact.

Digital ICETM for Prints: The scanner uses two lamps at different angles to detect tears, folds and creases on prints and corrects the scanned image accordingly

Designed for Greater Productivity

The V600 Photo comes with four customisable buttons that let users instantly scan, copy, scan-to-email and create PDFs at a single touch.

It also features fully automatic scanning along with three additional modes for better control. The included OCR software ABBYY® FineReader™ Sprint enables users to convert scanned documents into editable text.