Epson W31


If you’re looking for a good deal,this affordable series of business projectors are you answer.capable of producing an amazing beyound full HD resolution* with up to 3,600 lumens,your images remain crystal clear even  for large

Impressoive Image Quality

Incredible Beyond Full HD Resolution
Deliver a dynamic viewing experience with WUXGA 19200*1200 resolution image display without distraction in the video  , Blu-ray and other graphic-intensive media.The projection images remain razor shop

Bright Images and Faithful Colour Reproduction

3LCD projectors offer all-time colour (Red, Green and Blue) projection thereby ensuring faithful full colour reproduction. This is suitable for projection of colour intensive images such as videos, photographs and colour charts.

Reliable Technology

With more than 70 million 3LCD chips shipped to date, the powerful and road-tested 3LCD projection technology is extremely reliable, and is trusted by many throughout to deliver sharp and true-to-life images.

Essential Coas-Savings

LongerLamp Life
With a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in eco-mode,the frequency of costly lamp replacement is reduced,saving  you time and money

Air Filter
With a maintenace cycle of 10,000 in eco-mode,the need for regular maintenance of the air filter is minimised  to save you time and money

Gentle on the Eyes

3LCD projectors’ images do not suffer from colour break-up (commonly known as the rainbow effect). The projections are easy on the eyes as you will not be affected by any distorted pattern.

3LCD projectors use 3 separate LCD panels to form a continuous image containing all colours (red, blue and green) ensuring smooth video playback, even for rapid-motion images.

Incredible Details

3LCD projectors are able to produce an unparalleled range of grayscale images, which contributes to delivering incredible colour images that are smooth and seamless.